Tips For Choosing Your Headstone

When you are choosing a headstone or a grave marker, you are making a very personal decision. You are essentially deciding how you are going to mark your grave so that others can find your body to pay respects. It might feel morbid at times, but by purchasing your graver marker yourself, you are saving your loved ones the time and money that they would need to choose one for you when you pass, making your passing a little bit easier on them. Here are some tips for choosing your headstone.

1. Make Sure You Know What Your Cemetery Will Allow

Many cemeteries will only allow flat headstones because it is easiest to maintain the grass around the headstones this way. The groundskeeper at the cemetery only has to use a riding mower and mow right over the headstones to get all of the grass. If you are planning on having your body laid to rest in a cemetery like this, then you are going to have more limited options, which could make your choice easier. If you are not planning on using a cemetery that only allows flat grave markers, you keep all of your creative options open.

2. Make the Grave Marker Represent You

Don't be afraid to personalize the grave marker. If you really loved the Muppets, get a picture of Kermit the Frog on your grave marker with a quote from him, as well as the dates of your life and your name. If you absolutely adored a movie or a TV show, consider having one of the famous lines from that piece of media put on your headstone. If you are younger and grew up with the Internet, think about all of the web pages that you have consumed and consider getting something that reflects this hobby, such as meme, put on your headstone. You want the marker to make your loved ones smile when they see it because it reminds them so strongly of you.

3. Choose a Color

Finally, talk to the company which you are planning to use for your grave marker creation. They will have different materials that you can use that come in different colors. For example, there are many different colors of granite that you can choose from, although pricing varies from color to color. Choose a color that is within your budget and reflects the image or quote that you have chosen.

For more information, talk to a company like Palmer Bros Granite Co about your choices.

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