3 Ideas For Getting Rid Of Your Old Books

If you are an avid reader, it's likely that you have ended up with a lot of books over the years. Although you might love all of them, it might not be realistic to keep them if you are short on space. Luckily, you don't have to throw away your used books in order to get rid of the clutter in your home. Instead, try one of these fantastic ideas for getting rid of your used books.

1. Sell Them at a Used Bookstore

One idea is to sell your used books to a local used bookstore. In many cases, you can get more for your books if you opt for an in-store credit rather than getting cash, which can be a good way to read new books and then swap them out again once you have finished reading them. If you don't want any more books, however, many used bookstores will give you cash.

Visit websites likes pioneerbook.com to find used bookstores in your area.

2. Donate

There are lots of ways that you can donate used books. You can stop by your local public library to ask if they are accepting donations, or you can offer to donate them to a local school library. Many charitable thrift stores will accept books and resell them for a reasonable price to earn money for charity as well. In most cases, you can also get a receipt when you make your donation, which will list the estimated value of the books that you have donated. Then, you can file your charitable donations as an expense on your taxes, so make sure that you hold on to this receipt and submit it to the person who does your taxes.

3. Start a Book Trade

Consider connecting with other avid readers in your community -- either among your friends or via social media or other similar outlets -- and hosting a book trade. Then, you and all of the other attendees can trade your used books with one another. This is a great way to get rid of old books that you'll never read again and try something new, and you might make friends at the same time.

Holding on to old books that you know you won't read can cause a lot of clutter, but you might feel torn about getting rid of them. Luckily, all three of these options can help you get rid of old books that you won't be reading anymore so that you can make room for new books and new things.


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